Love Out LOUD!

February 5, 2020

As I write this, I find myself lowering my voice mutliple octaves, attempting to sing “What’s Love Got To Do With It” by Tina Turner. Although I realize I didn’t do her song any justice, the song made me think of the influence that love has. As I photographed the soon to be married couple, […]

Love to

It seems like just yesterday we were welcoming 2018 and its so hard to believe that we’ll soon be dropping the ball for 2019! As I look back and celebrate all of the successes we’ve had as wedding photographers thanks to our couples, I too celebrate the storms. So, its only fitting that my last wedding […]

Love Endures the Storms

December 21, 2018

Love to

Secretly competing at love!

September 14, 2018

I just love losing… says no one ever! Yet when we combine the word competition with love people become quite defensive. Often lashing back with “Love should not be a competition!” Despite this feedback, I beg to differ!¬†Whether¬†you realize it or not, we live in a generation that is fueled by competition. Whether its children […]

Love to

Lets jump right in! Can you name the happiest moment in your life? Before you answer, think about it. What is that one moment that you have held on to that no matter what is going on can make you smile from ear to ear. I’m sure as many are reading this I will get […]

The happiest time of your life!

July 26, 2018

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The Decision…

July 4, 2018

I have written this blog post seemingly over a million times in my head. So let me begin by saying how excited I finally am to get it on paper (or computer, you know what I mean). What have I been waiting for you ask? Well duh, that’s simple, the same thing everyone seems to […]

Love to

If know me, you know that one of my all time favorite things to do is go to the beach. Having the opportunity to sleep with the door open while listening to the birds sing and waves crashing along the shore brings a peace over me like. Even the cleanest person I think loves to […]

Bethany and Eric

June 7, 2018

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