Love Out LOUD!

As I write this, I find myself lowering my voice mutliple octaves, attempting to sing “What’s Love Got To Do With It” by Tina Turner. Although I realize I didn’t do her song any justice, the song made me think of the influence that love has. As I photographed the soon to be married couple, Wanda & Douglas, I was able to examine this power of love and its influence.

Currently residing in the Baltimore area, I was thrilled to be selected to capture this part of their love story. Having never had the opportunity to meet Wanda & Douglas prior to our time together, it was easy for everyone to be nervous, however as we created images together, their calm personalities openly invited me into their lives and they shared their love story. Douglas shared how he had already swept Wanda off her feet and she could help but say yes. Wanda shared her modest giggle, stating how she only made Douglas feel he had the upper hand, little did he know… What an entertaining couple!

As we created images and memories that will surely last a lifetime, Douglas stated with a straight face, “Leon I don’t smile”. Well by the looks of the images would you believe him?

I later thought about the power of love and how its influence is amazing. Love is a feeling of trust that gives us a sense of comfort, love enables us to “let our hair down”… Sorry Douglas for the pun here, I couldn’t resist myself, LOL. It allows us to love freely, to enjoy one another, to surrender to the things that we thought we’d never do. It allows us to smile more. It was so evident in the way these two interacted. Their conversation, their smiles, their interactions with one another… every minute I shared with them told me that they were totally comfortable with one another.

This sense of peace between the two encouraged me to continue to develop this in my marriage. It challenged me to continue to allow my love to speak for itself. With that I challenge you as well. Lets learn to be like Wanda and Douglas. Lets learn to give people a sense of confidence that allows them to be themselves. A sense of comfort that allows us to share our indifferences and still have acceptance. Lets continue to promote a love that reciprocates love.

Compete at Love

Leon Borders Photography
  1. Mr and Mrs Martin Chase says:

    Yes ,Wanda and Douglas are an amazing couple it is a pleasure to be apart of their lives. From the the first time Douglas brought Wanda to meet our family we became close. I let Wanda know she would always be family. We all have spent time together and we have watched their love grow. We are so excited to see them tie the knot. Love takes time and patience and you can see by the photo’s that Love has won out.


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