My Secret is Exposed…

What if I told you I have commitment issues… unfortunately yes, you’ve read that correctly. I have to be honest and say my commitment issues have recently plagued me. I haven’t been committed as much as I intended to be and never thought that I would have to ask for you to take me back. Today I am doing just that.

I promise, this time will be different. I will make every effort to put my best effort forward as it is clear that I haven’t this past year. I know that lately it seems that even though I am here, my absence is obvious. It seems that as good as we are together, I would devote more time. But I have been pulled away by so many other things, that my focus has wavered. Today, as you read this my focus is renewed.

I’ve learned not to make promises that I can’t keep, but I am confident that this time will be different. I have found a renewed sense of motivation and know that we will both benefit from remaining together. Thank all of you who have continued to support me through this time. If you think I am writing this to my wife, you’re wrong… HAHAHAHA! I am writing this to you, my reader! My goal this year, is you! You’ve asked me to blog more and this year I will do just that! Stick with me!

This time I challenge myself, to give you all what you deserve. A consistent dose of motivational reading. Something real, something relatable, something that will inspire you to keep going!

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