Diamonds are losing value?

As a wedding photographer one of my favorite things to do is photograph details! Lets just say that rings take the cake! At a recent wedding, I was amazed at the diamonds that the bride and groom each gifted one another with during the wedding ceremony. I was already drooling over the thought of having the chance to photograph these symbols of love and commitment. As I was presented with the opportunity during the wedding reception, I was even more amazed at these rings. As I held these rings and mind racing with ideas, I could not help but consider their value. Although I am always extra careful during this process, I made sure to pay extra attention to make sure that they were photographed in a way that exemplified their true value!


Considering the amounts of time that it took to craft such a brilliant piece of jewelry, its hard to imagine them losing value. We’ve all heard the phrase, “Diamonds Are Forever“, but why don’t their values? Have you appraised your diamonds lately? Just think, what is I told you that your 4-carat diamond ring¬† is now only worth half its value. How would you accept this? After so much has been poured into perfecting every aspect of the ring, what on earth makes it lose value.

Its sad but it true, let me tell you how and why!

Although most people attempt to take extreme care of items of this value by paying close attention and care not to lose or mishandle. But its not that something has happened physically that has made it lose value. Its all about the intrinsic perception that we have lost over time.  A perception that has made us unconsciously depreciate the value. We do this by neglecting to show the same level of gratitude that we had in the original acceptance. Think about it. Most rarely reminisce on the times prior to being proposed to. The efforts to win their spouses heart are now thoughts of the past. The late night conversations where couples fall asleep on the phone are only faint memories. The endurance of the hurdles of a long distance relationships have become stopping points in the race.

The challenge is this, find out the things in your lives that have lost value. Learn to place a emphasis back on these “diamonds” as you previously did. Figure out a way to make these “diamonds” increase in value over time. Lastly spend every ounce of your being protecting the things that matter the most. Let your diamond shine like never before!

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