New GOALS for New Year?

Pictured above: Brandi Sutton of Tarheel Girl Photography

Lets face it, new goals aren’t anything new at all.  But, with new years in full swing, it was fitting to have a post that was geared toward goals. Seemingly around this time yearly, people begin creating new year’s resolutions. It’s kind of like a habit that we’ve created that is often short lived. When I recently polled a group of people in the Fayetteville, NC area,  most started listing goals in this order: financial/business related goal, health related goal, family oriented goal, productivity goal, educational goal. My first intuition was to address the sequential order of these goals, but I’ve decided to save addressing the order for another post and zero in on the goal itself. Take a second or two and lets examine “your new goals.”

Shoot for the moon and even if you miss you’ll land among the stars… BLAH. BLAH.. BLAH. Yes, I said it. Not that this statement doesn’t have any merit because it absolutely does. But too many times I find that people create goals that aren’t realistic. Why you ask? (thanks for asking) Goals are often created using external influences rather than intrinsic values. People often care more about what others will think and create goals based on these opinions. Its NOT their DREAM, its NOT their PASSION, it NOT their LOVE.  So how on earth can it be their goal? Wait… its NOT… its supposed to be yours!

Think for a second about your goals. What honestly motivated you to have this goal? When you reach this goal, will it simply be another check you put in a box, or will you really gain a sense of accomplishment?

Even as a wedding photographer I reexamined my goals for 2019. In doing so I came to the realization that sometimes creating a new goal is simply modifying the plan to reach the goal. Using this same ration of thinking, I recently modified one of my business goals. As 2018 was nothing short of amazing for our business here at Leon Borders Photography, one of my goals was based on the industry standards. The approach I was taking to reach this goal was out of line with what really made me happy. Although it was originally my goal, I seen how I had allowed the photography industry to influence my goal. I pretty much gave them ownership of my goal!  Nope, not today Satan, not today! I’m taking ownership back!

If you aiming at the wrong thing, even if you hit your target you lose! –  Mark Julian Felder

My challenge for each of you is this, rethink your goals. Make sure that whatever the goal is that you are setting will make you the most happy. Although it seems easy, when you really examine your goals to the core, I think that you will find flaws in what goals you created. Others will attempt to subtly sway you to create another goal that lines up with what they think is achievable, but remember, Its NOT their DREAM, its NOT their PASSION, it NOT their LOVE, it not their goal, its YOURS! So take ownership of it!

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  1. Brandi Sutton Holliday says:

    So many little nuggets of wisdom in this post but the two things that really resonated with me are not to let the industry standards dictate your goals and don’t let others beliefs about what is achievable influence your goals either. This is a great post and i’m not just saying that because of the wonderful pictures you took of me that are all over it!


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