Christian recently called us for his senior session. I’d photographed him previously for his junior prom and was thrilled that he chose us again. Its always exciting having a repeat client and I always enjoy following them on their life’s journey as they become “framily”. Soon to be a graduate of Cape Fear High School, this time I was even more amazed at the development and accomplishments of this young man!

During his session, we spoke of some of his college choices and plans for his future. When I ask most senior graduates about their plans they easily share with me their goals but often feel less compelled to share their plan to reach the goals. As Christian spoke of the things that he aspired to become, I was impressed that he made sure not to neglect this aspect.  He shared a brief outline of his plan to reach his goals. By the sound of it and with his approach, his goals don’t stand a chance, and as if this was not enough to blow me away already, he teased a few of us during his session by playing the saxophone (something that I always dreamed and wished I could do).  Along with his impressive list of goals, what impressed me even more was his demeanor and how he presented himself! If and when you meet this young man, you’ll quickly notice his calming presence and consistent confidence. Two qualities that will surely enable him to conquer life’s challenges.

As a life learner, what Christian didn’t know is that he presented a challenge to me. Since I am not a selfish person (unless it’s over Ms. Haley’s strawberry cake), I figured I would extend the challenge to you as a reader. That challenge is to focus more on how to reach a goal rather than the goal itself. It’s so easy to say what we are attempting to do and we often fail to do it because we place less emphasis on the process of how it will get done. Wow 😮! I can’t believe that I’m 3? (thirty-something) and this senior from Cape Fear just took me back to school, challenging me to re-align my focus. It’s like I’m just learning that I never graduated. I mean come on, it’s been quite some time and now you hit me with this ton of bricks 🧱!  Christian, challenge accepted!

Compete at Love

Leon Borders Photography

  1. Cindy Black says:

    Leon, thank you again for capturing my young man’s spirit so beautifully with your art. He challenges me daily. And thank you for encouraging and inspiring others on a regular basis. You’re awesome!


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