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I recently was blessed with the opportunity to document the book release and book signing of India Williams. Her new publication, “Love, Pain, and God’s Grace“, is her first publication and it was an absolute honor to be considered to be a part of the event. I’ve known her family for many years and she has gifted me the opportunity to photograph them many times. So I was excited for yet another opportunity and knew that just as previous times, this event was going to be special.


As India shared the title of the book with me, my brain went into overdrive. I thought of how this title was applicable to my life and the lives of so many others. Surely everyone could relate to one, if not all of the aforementioned. Just think of a time that you’ve experienced one of the three.  Throughout the week leading up to the event, I spoke with people about this very title. I was amazed at the responses I received.

I was surprised to hear how many thought these three were not interconnected. What you you think? Can you experience love without pain? Could God’s Grace exist without love and pain?

What do I think you ask? I believe that we experience Love, Pain and God’s Grace far before we know what they are. These premature experiences enable us to experience a degree of comprehension that shapes how we should define the three. Without these experiences, we’d have such a limited understanding of the trio. This limitation would never allow our desires to be satisfied. So as you continue to define, Love, Pain, and God’s Grace, learn from other’s experiences and continue to shape your definition.


Compete at Love!

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