Secretly competing at love!

I just love losing… says no one ever! Yet when we combine the word competition with love people become quite defensive. Often lashing back with “Love should not be a competition!” Despite this feedback, I beg to differ! Whether you realize it or not, we live in a generation that is fueled by competition. Whether its children playing sports or you are on the job, let’s face it, we are forced to compete. If you follow us you will often see our hashtag #CompeteAtLove! Its a motto that we hope everyone will live by. A slogan that challenges everyone to compete at the things that they love the most. Not limited to relationships, but to everything in life, sports, jobs, parenting, christianity, everything!

During the preparation of a couples session, I was reminded of how this competition should fuel couples to love. Celebrating seven years of marriage, Tiffany wanted to surprise Robert with a couples session. She stated that they had always taken pictures together and saved them on their anniversary, but never planned a couples session with a photographer. Privileged and humbled to be the elect, she had my attention. What she didn’t know is, as always I would be stealing one of their secrets and sharing it with the world! Shhhhh……its a secret.

Well first lets make one thing clear, I am the world record holder for secrets kept. I’ve held this secret for 10 days, 6 hours, 27 minutes and 14 seconds. But since you asked, I will share one thing that Tiffany and Robert do to compete at love. Every year, Tiffany and Robert write one thing down that they want to improve on in their relationship. The trick is, they do NOT share it with the other.  This idea is perfect and embodies our motto in every way possible. Both people are competing against themselves to make their relationship better. In the end, they will reach a common goal of loving each other all the more. The following year, they share what they had been working so hard to improve upon in their relationship and the other is able to give an honest assessment of how well they did. WOW! This genius idea allows each to not only see how hard the other worked toward the relationship, but allows a time of reflection that will stir so many more emotions.

Despite me playing Hollywood paparazzi, these two comfortably shared their love with the world.  Although it can be hard being photographed for the first time, these two warmed up effortlessly. By simply loving each other like that have done since their times at Fayetteville State University, these two are a perfect example of how we should be challenged by love. Again happy anniversary Tiffany and Robert, and we wish you a lifetime of happiness!


Let’s all learn to find ways to compete at love like Tiffany and Robert.




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