What’s “framily” for?

There are times in life that arise that make you reflect on what really matters. These moments are most important because it grants you the opportunity to put life into perspective. As primarily a wedding photographer, I’m blessed to have this experience as friends and family all gather together to celebrate such momentous times as brides and grooms commit their lives to one another. I probably get this privilege more than most as I also have this opportunity when photographing portraits and events. There seems to be a correlation between celebrating and reflecting and I thrilled to reverence these times. Recently at Amy’s Quinceañera, I was granted this opportunity once again as family and friends traveled from near and far to join with Amy during her time of celebration. It was truly an awesome time and anyone that shared this experience felt the love that filled the atmosphere.

The bridge between wedding photography and Amy’s quinceañera was a seamless experience. Most would point to the clear relationship between these two events obviously being us photographing Amy getting ready, her beautiful shoes, gorgeous details like her tiara and jewelry, and her unforgettable dress. But what was most apparent to us was the contagious joy that filled the room and erupted out of everyones smiles and laughter while celebrating with Amy. They were all her personal cheerleaders, all excited for her like they would be for themselves. That is what family and friends do. Let me rephrase that, its what “framily” does! They celebrate you because they have a genuine desire to see you succeed.


Every detail was exquisitely beautiful. From table decor to the delicious cake, it was crystal clear that love was poured into every part of her celebration.

As everyone danced the night way, it was even more evident how close Amy’s “framily” was. As the event concluded and I journeyed home, I reflected on the importance of having people that will support you and cheer you on. Let’s face it, sure we have all had times that we feel like we could conquer the world like Pinky and the Brain. But there are other times that you need people to push you and say “You got this and I’ll help you in any way I can!” I have truly experienced this in my journey of becoming a full-time wedding photographer. The outpouring of support during this transition has been enormous. It seems that every client that we’ve been humbled to photograph has become a friend that we keep up with and often celebrate their successes and accomplishments. The Commacho family is just another example of the awesome people that we can add to the list! Welcome to the “FRAMILY”!

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