The happiest time of your life!

Lets jump right in! Can you name the happiest moment in your life? Before you answer, think about it. What is that one moment that you have held on to that no matter what is going on can make you smile from ear to ear. I’m sure as many are reading this I will get an assortment of answers. But one thing that I can guarantee is, these are some of the top answers:

  1. Your first crush/love
  2. Buying your first house
  3. Getting married
  4. Celebrating the birth of a child
  5. Graduating high school/college

Often as a wedding photographer, I am asked what is my favorite part of a wedding day. As I have been photographing weddings for quite some time now, this is such a hard question. Its hard because as I document the wedding day, I am looking through so many different lenses. I am seeing so many different people from so many different vantage points to allow people to connect with my images. As I cannot narrow my “favorite” part down to one particular event, I can definitely say that the dances with the parents rank near the top. There is always so many emotions in this dance that everyone that is able to witness this magical dance can relate in some fashion.

As I was able to capture this perfect image of a mother dancing with her son on his wedding day, I connected with her. I looked in to her eyes and seen a heart running ramped. This seemingly was one of the happiest days of her life. Look at her eyes, it seems as though she has seen her son reach the happiest day of his life. In this short moment in time, this mother is able to reflect on so many different stages of his life. She remembers bringing a son into this world and worrying of what the world would offer him. She reflects on her joys and struggles of parenthood. She retraces the steps of the journey throughout their lives that has enabled them to come to this moment. The joyful moment that all of her efforts were not in vain. She sees a man that she helped create become everything that she ever wanted him to be. In this moment, this is the happiest time of her life!

So I come back and ask you again. What is the happiest time in your life? As you are thinking know this, you better not waste a moment, because time is ticking! Spend time making memories that last will last forever!

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