The Decision…

I have written this blog post seemingly over a million times in my head. So let me begin by saying how excited I finally am to get it on paper (or computer, you know what I mean). What have I been waiting for you ask? Well duh, that’s simple, the same thing everyone seems to wait for… the perfect time, and that time is NOW!

Remembering that there is no such thing as perfect, what finally pushed me over the edge to write this post was indeed the  2018 NBA free agency. Its no secret that I love basketball and its definitely no secret that my wife loves LeBron James, just maybe as much as she loves me, so you know the D3scision 3.0 had us tuned in. But to our surprise, it wasn’t LeBron’s decision to join the Lakers that dominated our attention, it was the signing DeMarcus Cousins with World Champion Golden State Warriors. Whether you like the signing or not, can anyone argue that the already champion Warriors will win another ring this year? Though it seems likely that they’ll waltz through the season on path for another championship, the rest of the league still must focus on one thing to dethrone the champs. They must learn how to compete.

But how do you compete against such a formidable opponent? The answer is tricky, you don’t! Wait what? Yes, you heard me correctly. If you compete against them you will never win. So the trick is, you must learn to compete against only yourself as this provides the best opportunity to win. The same is true about love. When we compete for love, once we feel love is attained, the thrill of love loses its taste. Instead we must learn to compete at love which consequently creates a continual evolution to be better this very love that began. So there you have it, the secret to love is learning how to compete at love.

I am extending this challenge  to you all! Compete at Love.  Whether you are competing at the job you love, competing with yourself to be a better parent to the children you love, competing at developing your business you love,  you must learn to compete only with yourself. Don’t let others define your level of success. Let your measuring rod be your internal desire to achieve the pinnacle that you’ve created. Remember just as Mark Julian Felder said, if your aiming at the wrong thing, even if you hit your target you lose!

From this moment on, our slogan at Leon Borders Photography is simple, COMPETE @ LOVE!





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