Confidently “Trace” Your Dreams


Trace-Class of 2019

What a awesome shoot I had with Trace!  Besides being brilliant, Trace is one of the most humble, friendly guys you’ll ever meet! It’s no wonder that he racked up so many awards during his junior year after track season.  As the shoot progressed, Trace became more relaxed and confident with being on camera making my job even more fun than it already is. As we paused briefly every so often and peeked at the camera, the images only got better as his session went on. I simply loved having this opportunity to photograph Trace.

If you know me,  you know that I’m a people lover in general and always looking for life’s hidden messages. So as Trace and I reminisced, I could only help but listen intently. The conversations seemed to allow Trace to open up and he demonstrated a trust to whatever I asked him to do. Unless you’re LeBron James or some other celebrity, its rare that you have such a big camera pointing at you watching your every move, so I can see how intimidating it may feel. But Trace overcame and his willingness and confidence in me to create great images made the entire session a breeze (and boy did we need it, cause it was a hot day).

Trace’s senior session wasn’t quite as fast as he was on the track this year, but man the fun made it fly. And at the conclusion of our session, the hidden message hit me like a ton of bricks. Confidence is the key to success and the lack of confidence is a limitation that we tend to place on ourselves. Its easier for someone to see how great we are when we first see it in ourself.

Trace, thanks for one of the most memorable shoots ever!  You are amazing!  😉

  1. Rebecca says:

    Very well written and I love the pictures. Great work and I would definitely recommend you to anyone looking for a great photographer.

    • Leon Borders says:

      I definitely have one of the best professions in the world and Trace proved why this is true. His time spent on camera was very fun and I hope you enjoyed every minute of it as much as I did! We love recommendations, thanks for all the support! 😉

  2. Angelia says:

    Thank you so much for the beautiful pictures of my son. When he thought about his senior pictures, the first thing he said was I want Mr Borders to take my pictures. He has always admired you and I know why . Not only are you a talented photographer but you are excellent with people. We will recommend you to everyone we know. Thank you for making Trace’s photo session so special .


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