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Growing up we all had our favorites, and TV shows are no different. With the current generation having what they believe are the best, is it worth debating over which TV shows were the best growing up.  The only rule is that you can’t have any bias or partiality toward the series which were aired while you were growing up. As many may be, I too am conflicted between which series I think was the best,  however I would definitely agree that they don’t make them like they use to. So in no certain order, here are some of my favorites:Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, Fred Sanford, The Golden Girls, Different Strokes, Full House, The Cosby Show, Saved by the Bell, The Jeffersons,  and A Different World just to name a few (click links to view some of my favorite episodes). Did I leave your favorite off the list? If so, think of your favorite series and paired with the ones I named, what’s the common thread?

I would say that the common thread in each of these episodes is family matters (did I forget this series – Family Matters)! Regardless of which series you chose, the value of family and friendships are no doubt a  focal point.

This thought resonated with me as I was recently trusted to document the Williams Family as they celebrate a welcomed addition to their family. During their family maternity session, as I photographed the smiles of their two children and captured the laughs the family shared, it was evident that Christina and Milton are instilling this value in their children and also take ownership in valuing family. I know that Baby Williams was in the womb smiling with the family and already shares this bond.

We should all be reminded that one of the most valuable things that we own are the relationships we invest in. Of these investments,  we should place the most stock in our family and friends.  It is important to keep in mind that your contribution in this area dictates your return. Make it your vested interest to share moments that promote love and laughter!

Thank you Williams family for reminding us of the value of family and friends!

  1. Milton Williams says:

    The next time I see you I’m hugging your neck! a Thank you so much Leon!!!!!!


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