Reasons to CELEBRATE!

As I listen to Kool and the Gang-Celebration, I am so ecstatic to be sharing this post with you all. As I write I am just marveling over how great it is to have the opportunity to celebrate with so many people during the happiest times of their lives. This week, around the world, so many people are celebrating the accomplishments of their recent graduates. From Pre-K graduates, to high school and undergraduate studies, all the way to those distinguished few that have journeyed on to attain their doctorate degree(s), a congratulations is in order.

As my daughter’s smile lit the room like a full moon on a dark night, this infectious emotion also consumed me. She was so excited to have finished her first formal year of schooling (pre-K3), and her sense of accomplishment was radiant. As we celebrated her year long performance over her all so favorite Sweet Frog, my heart was filled more than ever with motivation as she accomplished a milestone. As we ate our frozen yogurt we shared conversations of what she learned over the past year.¬†Who would have known that the conversation of a 4-year old would motivate me to do more!

This lead me to think of how we should all be motivated by others accomplishments. Even if you are not in the perfect place in your life, use someone else’s accomplishments to fuel your desire to do greater things. Celebrate with them with the end goal in mind that one day, someone will be celebrating your accomplishments. Congratulations to all of the graduates of 17-18, and we look forward to celebrating many more successes with those to come!


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