Bethany and Eric

If know me, you know that one of my all time favorite things to do is go to the beach. Having the opportunity to sleep with the door open while listening to the birds sing and waves crashing along the shore brings a peace over me like. Even the cleanest person I think loves to feel the sand between their toes.  So you know I was thrilled for the opportunity to shoot Bethany & Eric’s wedding in Kill Devil Hills off the coast of North Carolina. I mean really, what better way is there to celebrate love?


Ready to take on  life’s journey together, Bethany and Eric decided that they were ready to commit their lives to each other. The only thing left to decide was where. Bethany considered having a international destination wedding, but ultimately decided to stay state side and travel to Nags Head for her grand event. As every man wants to give his bride the desires of their hearts, Eric was ready for whatever, as long as his bride was by his side. And since he went to Jared, you know he had to be Mr. Right!  This trade off allowed them to share their special day with many family and friends.


As I documented their wedding, I was reminded of the value of compromise.  Not only is being married about the art of compromise, but life is all about this as well. Every day we all should learn that without compromise, there is no reward. This sentiment must be echoed by everyone when working toward a goal. No matter if your trying to raise kids, lose weight or perfect your relationship, there will always be a measure of compromise.  But remember that when you compromise you will be compensated for your efforts, and with no compromise, your efforts just may beill be compromised (see how I did that)!

It seems to me that Bethany and Eric have already learned this art, as they walked off into the sunset together. Please help me congratulate them as they have committed to the ultimate compromise, marriage!


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